I'm so excited that you're here. Let's Journey Together. 

Below you'll find a modern and unique approach to improving and exploring mental well-being. These offerings are a mix of courses, trainings and bundles. You'll also find my LIVE programs, Foundations of You Coaching Program and The Practice Membership. 


It's time for you start feeling more empowered in your life. 

From Anxious to Anchored - 6 Part Training 

When anxiety is driving the bus of your life, it depletes your sense of fulfillment. It causes you to question your truth, your power, your worth. 

In this experience, I will guide you through an exploration of anxiety, and how to work with it, using both mental wellness and coaching practices. You’ll also learn to anchor into the power, the beauty, and the truth of all that you are.

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Exploring Work & Worth Bundle

Work. For many of us, it's a big part of life. We live in a society that places so much emphasis on "what you do for a living."

Yet so many of us are feeling depleted, disconnected or the ongoing never enoughness in the constant pursuit of "more."

This bundle walks you through two different aspects of Work and Worth.

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Navigating Emotions & Stress Bundle

Feel like you can't get out of your own way when you're in the feels?

Sometimes your emotions can feel so big, almost like they run your days.

The truth? You can't get rid of our emotions. They're not your enemy. That's what this bundle is all about: Navigating Emotions & Stress. 

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The Practice Membership

The Practice is an online membership program for your mental health and emotional well-being where you grow in your relationship to yourself, surrounded by a community of amazing humans on the same journey. 

This membership guides you through the practice of being human and what it looks like to explore and nurture your emotional well-being. It's a space to learn, to heal, to experiment, and to grow. 

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Foundations of You Coaching Program

Imagine being able to navigate through the challenging seasons of life feeling as confident as you do during the celebratory ones.

This 6 month group coaching journey designed to help you step into true confidence, all while intentionally building the foundations of a life you love.

Over the course of the program, you’ll learn and implement the essential tools and skills you need to navigate the ups and downs of life fully embodied in who you are.

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Hi, I'm Chelsea!

As a Certified Life Coach and Former Therapist, I’m on a mission to change the conversation around emotional well-being and mental health.

It wasn’t until I honed in on a holistic approach to my mental health, and really listened to MYSELF that I started to evolve and see massive change in myself, and my life.

Today, I’ve supported hundreds of clients in learning how to trust themselves, navigate inevitable emotional ups and downs, while building a life that aligns with their values. It is truly an honor to do this work & I'm so thrilled you're here. 

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