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What if I told you that you didn't have to be your own worst enemy? You have nothing to prove. You are enough, right now, mess + imperfections included.  

Don't believe me? That's okay. 

I know the mental battle you have with yourself week after week might feel like a never ending spiral. 

I'm here to tell you that it's possible to have a healthy relationship with yourself, that you are capable, that there is so much power within you innately. 


Maybe you were told you could have it all. The world was at your fingertips.

But now that you’re here, officially an "adult," (okay, maybe you’ve been one for awhile), 

Why does the pressure to do it all feel so overwhelming? How come you never genuinely feel good enough?

Even if you’re playing by the rules of what adulthood "should" look like. 

Even if you’re hitting all the milestones you "should" be hitting in your five year plan. 

(Wait, do you even have a five year plan?!)

At this point, you know everyone's Instagram page is just a highlight reel. But it still feels like you're missing something. 

My friend, it’s YOU! 

Your true, confident self. 

The one who’s intentional about living a life they love. 

The one who can hold the duality of self compassion and self responsibility,

The one who knows how to handle change and transition with ease and acceptance. 

The one who knows that no matter what they’ve accomplished so far, they’re already worthy and safe to be themselves.

It starts with building a foundation of strong emotional health.

Here’s what you should know about emotional health I hope you’ll release when it comes to your emotional health:

The word "should." 

Whether it’s finding your dream career, making new friends, working through anxiety, finding your partner in life – there’s no one RIGHT way to do life. Filtering your beautiful life through someone else’s shoulds minimizes the magic you bring to this world.

The idea of "success."

The human experience is a continuum of ups and downs. Setting and reaching goals is important, but any “I’ve made it” moment is fleeting. Being able to be present in all moments – good or bad – is what ultimately makes our lives richer.

Trying to be happy all the time.

Pppffftttt. *eye roll*  I’m sure as hell not here for that. As a human, you’ve got a wide range of emotions… and that’s a good thing! Learning how to experience them in a supportive way is key to your emotional health. 

Foundations of You is the pathway to embodying the truth of who you are now, while discovering all that you can be.

Imagine how you’d feel if you:

  • Knew how to walk yourself through anxiety or negative emotions without judgement
  • Accepted ALL parts of yourself, even the ones you previously declared “icky.”
  • Showed up as your most honest self, even when life feels challenging
  • No longer felt the need to control errrrrryyyyythang
  • Felt confident in setting and maintaining boundaries, even if they’re against the norms of your friend group or family members
  • Knew you were capable of anything you set your mind to
  • Trusted your intuition enough to let it guide you through new situations
  • Could view any “triggering” issues from a place of empathy and love, without attachment
  • Realized you’re already worthy of everything you have, want and are

That's why I created


A self paced course designed to help you step into true confidence, all while intentionally building the foundations of a life you love (inside + out).

Here's what it looks like...

☑ 12 training videos, designed to deepen your experience


☑ 12 integrative workbooks full of actionable practices and tools


☑ BONUS ADDITIONS: 6 Part Training on Anxiety, Expert Lead Workshops (Pre-recorded + Pop Up)


Throughout this course, you’ll learn and implement the essential tools and skills you need to navigate the ups and downs of life fully embodied in who you are.  







Here's What You'll Explore: 

Week 1: Values and Vision

Values are the guiding principles of our lives, but so often we confuse them for absolute rules. That’s why in this week’s training, you’ll focus on: 

  • What values are – and what they’re not
  • Unpacking what you think SHOULD be your values v.s. what your values actually are
  • How to put your values into action on your own terms
  • What this work looks like long term
  • How to discover what success actually means to you

Week 2: Exploring Your Emotions and Developing Self-Awareness

The reality of life is we won’t feel happy all the time – and that’s okay! This week, you’ll focus on: 

  • The difference between emotional intelligence and emotional agility (and why it matters)
  • How to identify your inner critic
  • What to do once you’re able to identify your emotions (hint: sometimes it doesn’t equal taking action)
  • The weekly affirmations to help you implement these new and/or altered ideas

Week 3: Journeying With Yourself and Deep Dive on Self Compassion

All too often, we think our ability to bounce back from difficult life events means being tough enough to push through. This week, you’ll discover why the opposite is true:  

  • The 3 most important concepts when it comes to developing your self-compassion
  • The difference between self-compassion and self-judgement
  • How to discover if you’re creating a life that’s rich, full and meaningful – and why that could look different from person to person
  • Why self-compassion does NOT equal self-indulgence (and how to tell the two apart)
  • How to be present in any moment without passing judgement on it

Week 4: Self-Confidence and Self-Trust

In your journey to self-confidence, you’ll learn why developing self-trust is just as important: 

  • The 10 top myths about self-confidence
  • What an experimental mindset looks like, and why it’s so beneficial to develop one
  • The actual reason being confident can feel hard (and what to do to make it easier)
  • Why your first best friend – the one you’d do anything for – needs to be yourself
  • 9 Ways to practice confidence (ps – one of them includes channeling Oprah or your fave aunt!)
  • How to give yourself permission to set and uphold boundaries
  • 7 areas we can set boundaries
  • All the places discomfort might come into play – and why it’s not a bad thing when it appears

Week 5: The Release of Common Stuck Points

Feelings of being “stuck” can come up for various reasons. This week, you’ll get to the root of it: 

  • The most common tendencies keeping people anxious (and where they come from!)
  • Why and how your brain is trying to keep you safe
  • How to rewrite your neural pathways (aka the stories you tell yourself) in a way that helps you move forward
  • The sneaky way you’re already building on the foundations of your emotional health
  • How to find space to love yourself where you are, right now
  • Why acting with integrity and values often sounds like the word “no.”

Week 6: Lifestyle Practices That Support Emotional Health

The term “intuitive living” might sound either intriguing or intimidating – or both! But it’s a must-have when supporting your emotional health: 

  • Discover the 4 key holistic factors that impact your well-being and emotional health
  • The CRUCIAL hygienic practice you’re probably (accidentally) skipping
  • How to listen to your own internal cues to inform your habits
  • The “written by Chelsea” permission slip to ditch these totally toxic words and thoughts
  • How to create your own “Good Things!” list

Week 7: Practices to Cultivate a Deeper Connection With Yourself

In this two-part series, you’ll go deep into establishing practices that help uncover both your REAL self, but also your BEST self: 

  • Explore masculine v.s. feminine energy
  • How to create a calibration practice that works for you
  • Why tapping into your intuition supports your emotional health more than you might realize
  • How to use meditation as a daily observation practice v.s. just another thing on your to-do list

Week 8: The Importance of Connection, Relationships and Letting Go

When it comes to human connection, having the RIGHT people in your orbit is just as important as having someone there at all: 

  • How to allow for change in relationships without fear of the uncertainty
  • The 5 kinds of relationships, and where they might intersect in your life
  • How to cultivate healthy relationships (hint: it’s all about boundaries!)
  • Why taking an audit of your relationships is actually kinder than it sounds
  • Where you can discover community, and how to make friends once you do 

Week 9: Supporting Your Life and Career

Now that you’ve done a deep dive into WHO you are, it’s time to let that best self show up in all areas of your life: 

  • How denying your calling is making you exhausted
  • Why it’s actually normal to make changes in your work life
  • How the Sunday Scaries could be a wake-up call
  • What a values-led life looks like
  • The sneaky boxes you might be putting yourself into

Week 10: Let It Flow

After going through the foundations of your emotional health one by one, it’s time to bring them all together: 

  • Why the program has ongoing support built in
  • What moving forward might look like for you
  • How to commit to continuing your practice

Week 11 + beyond

Implementing what you learn – successfully – takes time.  But you don’t have to do it all at once, or alone – for the next four months, you’ll have support and accountability as you use the tools and resources at your disposal to create lasting habits. 


It’s time to build the foundations of a life you LOVE!







There is no quick fix when you’re in the process of becoming you. 

Believe me, I’ve tried to rush it. I’ve tried to resist it. But I found that when I embraced the journey, that’s when I finally empowered real change. 

Hi, I’m Chelsea!

As a therapist, certified Life Coach and speaker, I’m on a mission to reduce the stigma around emotional well-being and mental health.

I spent years bogged down in my own shoulds and high expectations. In college, I switched majors too many times to count. As a young therapist and newly married military spouse, I thought I was checking off all the boxes for a fulfilling life, but instead I felt stuck, anxious and underwhelmed with my reality. 

It wasn’t until I honed in on a holistic approach to my mental health, and really listened to MYSELF that I started to heal. 

Today, I’ve supported hundreds of clients in learning how to trust themselves to build a life that aligns with their values, and I absolutely love every moment. 

I believe when we normalize emotional well-being, we honor growing into the best possible version of ourselves. 

I’ve been known to drop an F-bomb here or there – AKA a “Friends” quote, obviously! 

(“PIVOT! PIVOT”! #ifyouknowyouknow)

But honestly, I’m cool with my curse word moments, too – it’s my Long Island, NY childhood coming through!

Here’s what I know to be true: your life is YOURS for a reason. 

The things you want are within your reach. 

You are more than capable of achieving everything you set your mind to. 

And your emotional health should support you every step of the way.

Speaking of support, here are a few questions your fellow Foundations of You members often ask before booking their call…

This is your invitation to be the leading expert – on yourself – if: 

  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed in your day-to-day life.
  • You crave confidence in both your personal and professional life.
  • You want to try new things without judgement or expectation of outcome.
  • You’d love to achieve a more aligned, integrated lifestyle utilizing healthy habits. 
  • You want to acknowledge your feelings in a way that prevents old habits from coming back.

It’s time to reclaim your power by learning how to cultivate it from within.



  • 10 WEEKS of  training videos
  • 12 integrative workbooks full of actionable practices and tools
  • BONUS ADDITIONS: 6 Part Anxiety Training, Guest Expert Lead Workshops



  • 10 WEEKS of  training videos
  • 12 integrative workbooks full of actionable practices and tools
  • BONUS ADDITIONS: 6 Part Anxiety Training, Guest Expert Lead Workshops

Hold up. Did you just read the ENTIRE sales page? 

That’s AWESOME. It means you’re the type of person who wants to make intentional change. You’re not just going to join any program that comes your way. You want to make sure the program is going to support you where you are right now, all the way to who you’ll be in six months. 

Love, I want the same thing for you. 

Click the button below to set up a call where we’ll do just that.