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Guided by Intention FREE 6 Day Email Challenge

Do you ever feel like you’re not really living how you want to be living? 

Almost like life is happening to you, or around you but it doesn’t feel great. 

Even though you’re “trying” so hard, it feels really challenging to pursue what you desire, how you want to feel, in a genuine and authentic way? 

I want to invite you into a new way of being, a new way of living that is Guided By Intention. It's a FREE 6 day challenge to teach you how from a holistic, whole person perspective. Sign up below to jump in!

Notice I didn’t say goals. The way I see it, goals are achievement based. 

I’m going to assume you have enough of that pressure and enough of the external shoulds in your life.

I’m talking about something different,

It’s a genuine contentment and expansion filled exhale, 

This way of supporting yourself encourages you to change, to grow and to push yourself, 

From a place that feels inviting, enlivening and expansive. 

We’ll be looking at HOW you can set and hold your intentions from all different facets of your life + you’ll learn my signature process for being intentional in your life.

What I mean when I say Guided By Intention, is that you’re leading, choosing and living from a place that is fueled with purpose.

You don’t need to be perfect.

You don’t always have to do it “right.” 

But you DO get to consistently focus on what matters most to you,

And step into loving responsibility for yourself & how you commit to yourself again and again. 

This 6 day email challenge will be a blend of internal exploration and tangible tactics that you can implement each day to get to know yourself better and to shift your way of being to improve your mental wellness, your clarity and confidence, your overall well-being.

Sign up below! 

This challenge includes:

  • Daily emails with a short video explaining the daily focus + exploration
  • Daily integration exercises for you to take what you’re learning and actually DO something about it in your day to day 
  • The evolution of a lifetime when you lead with your intentions and your truth