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Foundations of You Method - Pay in Full

☑️ 12 On-demand Video Lessons over 10 weeks

☑️ Downloadable Workbooks with Integration Practices (think writing and journaling exercises, experiments, meditations, etc)

☑️ BONUS ADDITIONS: 6 Part Training on Anxiety, Expert Lead Workshops (Pre-Recorded + Pop Up) 


Take a Peek Inside: 

 Phase One: The Internal world 

 Dive deep into how you’re supporting yourself internally. We’ll explore everything from emotion management, clarifying values and vision to how to release unhelpful patterns like lacking boundaries, people pleasing, comparison and self criticism.

 Phase Two: Setting Up a Life That Aligns

 Learn how to cultivate sustainable and realistic lifestyle practices that support your emotional health, and sense of well-being. Using a holistic approach, you’ll learn how to check in with yourself and ACTUALLY do the things you know are good for you (like moving your body, checking in with yourself, nourishing your body, getting enough sleep, etc). 

 Phase Three: Expanding Connection and Fulfillment

 We know that relationships and community are SO important in emotional health. And yet sometimes they can feel so challenging. Explore how the work you’re doing applies to improve your relationships, your community, your work and career. How you spend your time, and who you spend it with matters!

 Phase Four: Flow It All Together

 I’m not in the game of “quick fixes.” Everything I share with you here intertwines together, and takes some practice to truly integrate. We’ll talk about how they all come together, and how to continue everything you’re learning in the long term to continue to improve your sense of self, emotional health and continue growing!

We missed out on a lot of important information on how to care for ourselves in this world. This course will guide you through everything you need to build a strong foundation for your emotional health and sense of self! LET’S DO THIS!

What People Are Saying:

Today I am celebrating progress. After weeks(months) of complaining that I was worried I wasn’t making progress. I’ve hit some kind of threshold where I’m able to look back and see how much has changed since I started Foundations of You. The craziest part is that it really is the little changes - the way I talk to myself, the way I make decisions, etc - but they’re transformative because I feel so much better in my body. I’m not overcome with anxiety or sadness anymore. I’m managing difficult conflicts/problems better. It just feels GOOD, and I don’t acknowledge my effort often enough. (I recognize that all of this sounds like an ad for Foundations of You - but that’s because it’s really, really how I feel! Chelsea said “This is what FOY will teach you,” and she was right.)

Jenna H.

After a month of being in FOY, I’ve already noticed a positive shift in my mindset. I’m having more compassion for myself which is a big win for me. I’ve set healthy boundaries for myself which has already made me feel like I’m more in control of my life. These concepts are having a big impact on my well-being mentally and physically. I find myself naturally applying it on a day to day basis which helps me relax my expectations on myself in a good way. I’ve already seen so much personal growth in just one month!

Emily C.

During FOY, I have noticed that I’m excited for Mondays! I have prioritized my needs more. I’ve been taking steps to be more clear on my boundaries and taking moments to check in with myself. I’ve been applying tools to really pull back if I’m overwhelmed or stressed, and adjust to move forward better. I’ve had a much better month of sleep. It may seem small but it’s really helped, and that feels good!

Jazmin O.