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Exploring Work & Worth Bundle

Work. For many of us, it's a big part of life. We live in a society that places so much emphasis on "what you do for a living." Yet so many of us are feeling depleted, disconnected or the ongoing never enoughness in the constant pursuit of "more."

This bundle walks you through two different aspects of Work and Worth.

TRAINING ONE: We normalize wanting to try something different and make a change in your career. The idea that you should be confined by limitations of your current work situation is old and tired. This training will help you normalize the idea of change and growth in career (whether that be to a new field, a new role, following a passion, etc). Life is not stagnant or limited. Why should work be? Get ready to tap back into creativity, possibility and have tangible takeaways to work on.

TRAINING TWO: Working yourself to the bone to prove your worth isn't sustainable. I promise you! It can feel SO challenging to separate your worth as a human from your work - how hard you work, how many hours you work, how much you take on at work, etc. Let's talk about the HOW of separating your work from your worth so that you can tap back into the fullness of your life without burnout or over-giving.


  • Exploring Your Dream Work Life & Leaning Into What's Possible Video Training & Integrative Workbook
    Separating Worth from Work
  • Creating Boundaries Video Training 
  • BONUS: A Millennial's Guide to Stress and Anxiety - Digital Workbook (a month of integrative exercises to support you in learning more about yourself, your needs, your limitations, etc!)